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Winning Profile produced the biggest improvement in my mental approach to my game. It gave me a greater sense of confidence on and off the golf course, and I actually started to believe in myself. I always knew where I wanted to go in life, I just know now how to get there.
— Melissa Reid, Championship Golfer

If you are driven to win and are willing to put forth the effort, Winning Profile will get you there.
— Terry Wright, Hedge Fund Managing Director

I will never look at talent the same way again! Many of the metrics that we were measured by, at store level, began to improve. Sales went up, shrink decreased, and our store safety numbers improved. Frankly, the biggest home run for me was the engagement score improving by 12 points. Simply amazing!
— Mike Maraldo – Director of Operations, Giant Eagle

I was stunned at how accurately Winning Profile explained me. If only I would have known this information when I was playing over those 15 years! What a difference this information would have made if my coaches and fellow teammates would have known my talents and strengths.
— Gus Frerotte, NFL All-Pro Quarterback

The results have far exceeded my expectations of what is achievable
— Simon Savage, The Man Group, London, England

‘Winning Profile helped me discover strengths I didn’t know I had. When I started I was unsure of my direction but I quickly got on track, grew in confidence and felt far more aligned. It was one of the most rewarding things I have done.
— Dougie Crawford, Champion Olympic Skier